What’s In my Makeup Bag | September

What’s In my Makeup Bag | September

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Happy October!! I’m so excited for this month and the plans I have to finish out the year. However, I am ready for the weather to cool down because I want to pull out all of my chunky sweaters!

As of lately, I have been simplifying my makeup bag. I have been so obsessed with the “no makeup” makeup looks lately. When it comes to my makeup routine, I always kept it pretty simple. It’s just something about the no makeup looks that I have been loving. I didn’t do this on purpose, honestly I just haven’t been having a ton of time to do my makeup and I have been continuing to do it.

Before you apply any makeup no matter how much you’re using, you should always use a primer. I have been using this primer consistently since January and I haven’t switched yet! It’s perfect for all skin types, the consistency is great, and it helps my makeup lasts all day!

Since I have been working on my skincare routine, I don’t wear a ton of foundation. I have been using concealer in place of foundation and it works perfectly fine for me. With my past skin issues, I have been dealing with dark spots and acne scarring and I would almost never leave the house without foundation. I have been using this affordable concealer and I think it’s a great dupe for the NARS Creamy Concealer.

Bronzer has been my favorite this month. Bronzer is a great product to use all year round for a healthy bronzy glow. This bronzer is great because not only is it in every drugstore, it really looks great on my skin and it’s not too harsh.

I feel like blush is starting to be an underrated product because of the highlighter wave but I still wear blush and I have been using this one. If I’m short on time, I’ll use this as a blush/bronzer combo.

If you guys have been following me, then you’ll know that I do not wear a ton of eyeshadow. I don’t think I’m the best at applying it, so normally I’ll leave it to the pros. But for some reason, I keep buying eyeshadow palettes. I have been using this one here and I love all of the shades! This palette is a great for all year and I think it would look great on all skin types.

Let’s talk mascara. Mascara is probably one of my favorite beauty products because it enhances my long natural lashes. I usually don’t spend a ton of money on mascara but I’ve been loving this mascara! It’s literally like eyelash extensions in a bottle. I’m definitely going to keep this in my makeup arsenal!

What makeup products are you loving lately?



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