Recent Beauty Buys: Nordstrom & Sephora

Welcome to another RBB or Recent Beauty Buys! I shared one over the Summer and I figured I would make this a series. I have to be honest, I haven’t been the best beauty blogger. This is my first time in since my last post that I have purchased new beauty products! I have been focusing on using the items…


Summer Beauty Favorites

Even though Summer isn’t officially over, it’s getting ready to come to an end soon. It’s so crazy that we have less than 3 1/2ish months left of this year. Even though this Summer was a strange one due to COVID, that didn’t stop me from buying new beauty products.   I’m going to be rounding up my favorite beauty…


How to prevent Breakouts while wearing a Mask

So, you decided to be responsible and wear a mask when leaving the house and you have been consistently wearing a mask for the past few months. Now, you’re experiencing random  breakouts in spots that you usually don’t see breakouts. I have a few nurse friends that are working during this pandemic and I would see them on social media…


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