What you Need to know about Necessairé

Over the last year, Necessairé is a brand that I have been curious about and have seen grow over time. Necessairé has been on my list to try for a long time! Especially seeing all of the IG ads and rave reviews. Also seeing the luxe yet minimal packaging has sparked my curiosity. Before purchasing, I had to do my…


How to prevent Breakouts while wearing a Mask

So, you decided to be responsible and wear a mask when leaving the house and you have been consistently wearing a mask for the past few months. Now, you’re experiencing random  breakouts in spots that you usually don’t see breakouts. I have a few nurse friends that are working during this pandemic and I would see them on social media…


Beauty Confession: I shaved my face

If you follow me on Instagram, remember when I hinted that I did something new but wasn’t going to share it yet? Well here it is! I shaved my face! I have watched plenty of YouTube videos from some of our favorite beauty gurus sharing their face shaving routines and why it’s a regular treatment in their beauty routines. At…


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