Welcome to my last post of 2019!! Consider this my OOO if you will. I had some posts planned for the last couple of weeks in December but I’m not gonna lie, I’m not really feeling it. I’m actually ready to get started with the things I’m going to share in 2020!

While I have been planning new strategies, content ideas, working on my editorial calendar, etc. I’m going to use these last days in December to get ready for the New Year!! If you guys have been following me, then you would know that I have been doing Vlogmas on my YouTube channel and it’s been rough. I knew it was going to be a challenge but I didn’t think it was going to be this hard! Due to my work schedule, I unfortunately had to end vlogmas early.

Since I have come back from my 6 month hiatus, I have been striving for perfectionism lately. Every post, every photoshoot, or YouTube video I have planned, I wasn’t really feeling it. Every time I postpone an idea, I feel guilty afterwards. I’m happy to take this time to enjoy friends and family and get a game plan going to feel refreshed and recharged in 2020!

Can you guys believe that we’re headed in to a new decade? Time is seriously flying by!! Is it me or does 2010 feel like it was yesterday?

Thank you guys so much for reading and sticking around through the ups and downs of The Life with Nicole. I have learned a lot in three years of blogging and I hope your support continues!

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I hope you guys have a great holiday season!! Rest and enjoy friends and family as much as you can!! Regular blog posts will start back January 2nd, 2020!! Be safe, drink & eat, and be merry!


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