How to prevent Breakouts while wearing a Mask

How to prevent Breakouts while wearing a Mask

So, you decided to be responsible and wear a mask when leaving the house and you have been consistently wearing a mask for the past few months. Now, you’re experiencing random  breakouts in spots that you usually don’t see breakouts.

I have a few nurse friends that are working during this pandemic and I would see them on social media talking about their breakouts while wearing a mask. At first I didn’t understand, but now that masks are becoming a part of our everyday lives, I have experienced skin woes as well.

What causes breakouts or maskne (mask acne)?

Breakouts are normal and it can be very frustrating, but there’s a few contributing factors that will cause this to happen. Wearing a mask will trap moisture from our breath, oil from our skin, sweat, and makeup. A lot of us do not have access to professional masks such as N95’s so we have to resort to fashion masks or home made masks. I noticed when I’m wearing my fashion mask, I have to constantly adjust and pull up my mask which causes me to touch my face.

How to Prevent & Treat?

Disclaimer- I’m not a dermatologist or esthetician. I’m just as girl who is obsessed with beauty topics & trends. 

1.) Wash fashion/cloth masks before use

When purchasing a new pack of fabric masks, it’s important to wash before use. Machine or hand wash is sufficient.

2.) Have a weeklong supply of masks

Now that businesses are opening up and more people are leaving their homes, it’s great to have several masks on hand. We have to think about masks the same as thinking about our underwear. You wouldn’t wear the same panties three days in a row right? This should be the same for masks. Also, this ensures that you will have a fresh mask to wear for every day of the week.

3.) Avoid Makeup

I know this is going to be hard for the makeup lovers out there, but try to avoid makeup as much as possible while wearing a mask. There is no point in layering on foundation and concealer when half of our faces are going to be covered anyway. Opt for eye makeup only — eyebrows, eyeliner, and mascara.

4.) Double Cleanse

I have talked about the double cleanse at lot around here and it’s one of my favorite cleansing techniques. Start out with an oil or balm based cleanser and really work it into your skin to pull out the dirt and grime. The great thing about oil cleansing is that it doesn’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils. Afterwards, follow up with your favorite gel based cleanser.

Remember, this is our new normal! Masks are going to be in our daily lives for a while now and we have to adjust and train our minds. These are all of the tips that have been helping me since I started wearing masks. Would it be helpful if I updated this list? I think I will do that!

Have you been dealing with Mask acne also known as Maskne? What have you been doing to prevent? Let’s chat in the comments!



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