Summer Beauty Favorites

Even though Summer isn’t officially over, it’s getting ready to come to an end soon. It’s so crazy that we have less than 3 1/2ish months left of this year. Even though this Summer was a strange one due to COVID, that didn’t stop me from buying new beauty products.   I’m going to be rounding up my favorite beauty…


How to prevent Breakouts while wearing a Mask

So, you decided to be responsible and wear a mask when leaving the house and you have been consistently wearing a mask for the past few months. Now, you’re experiencing random  breakouts in spots that you usually don’t see breakouts. I have a few nurse friends that are working during this pandemic and I would see them on social media…



You guys know how much I love easy beauty. I don’t think we can talk about easy beauty without talking about Glossier. If you guys have been following me for the past couple of years, then you will know how much I love Glossier and their entire brand aesthetic. I love the “skin first, makeup second” motto the brand loves…


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